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"We launched the world's first virtual "Ministry of Possibilities," a new government work system in the UAE. The virtual ministry, administered by the cabinet, will address pressing national portfolios and build future government systems."
Discover Innov8x course, Where University Student work to crack government impossibles. Innov8x course equips students with tools and methodology needed to solve real life public challenges.

UAE legacy ofachieving the impossible

Achievements &Announcements

14 Apr 2021

Embracing Innovation in Government - Global Trends 2020 (OECD Report)

The Ministry of Possibilities was featured as a case study and example of a seamless government in the OECD and Mohammed bin Rashid center for Government innovation report.

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14 Apr 2021

H.H Mohammed Bin Rashid Launches National Program for Behavioral Rewards

The program is one of the initiatives of the Department of Behavioural Rewards of the Ministry of Possibilities to support and carry out the strategic framework and the national model for behavioural rewards, and the first program in behavioural science focusing on three main pillars, such as the homeland, society and family.

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virtual, timebound departments to solve the impossibilities


and train on the mindset of design and experimentation in government


the globe with the UAE's methodology of possibilities

Wedo this

By creating time-bound departments experimenting together to ask impossible questions and disrupt the conventional systems with solutions

our criteria for choosing theimpossibles

Tangibly Improve Lives

Relate to Government

Disrupt Systems

Globally Relevant



The Ministry of Possibilities represents the next generation of government operations and oversees key functions that require quick, bold and effective decisions. Its roles include applying design-thinking and experimentation to develop proactive and disruptive solutions to tackle critical issues, bringing together federal and local government teams and the private sector. Through its work, the Ministry will instill a culture in which impossible challenges can be tackled effectively.

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Give back &

When we are generous, we build a movement of like-minded people who can help us achieve our goals.

those who

When we feel supported by our teammates, we are able to bring our whole selves to work.

Stay close to the ground

When we design with end users, our solutions have the potential to substantially improve their lives.

Dare to keep

When we keep a forward momentum, our ideas are bolder and unexpected.


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